Medical centre cleaning in Brisbane requires more attention to detail than traditional cleaning practices. This is because medical centres are a breeding ground for pathogens that can lead to infections and illnesses. You must ensure that your staff and visitors feel safe inside the facility, which means professional cleaning services are essential.

Six essential steps for medical centre cleaning in Brisbane

  • Preparing the equipment

Medical centre cleaners deal with hazardous waste and toxic pollutants, so they need to use effective cleaning products and wear personal protective equipment. It’s best to hire cleaners who can provide their own equipment to prevent contamination with your gear.

  • Emptying the bins

The first thing a medical centre cleaner must do is empty the bins. In surgery and treatment rooms, bins must be emptied whether they’re full or not. This ensures that possible contaminants are eliminated before they can pose a threat to the staff or patients.

  • Cleaning the amenities

Dirty restrooms will only leave a bad impression on your visitors. Therefore, your cleaners must ensure that your amenities are properly sanitised by wiping down toilets and hand basins with high-strength disinfectants.

  • Wiping the surfaces

Surprisingly, toilets aren’t the “germiest” surfaces in a medical centre. In reality, the most dangerous areas include your elevator buttons, waiting rooms, tray tables, pens, and ultrasound equipment.

Because of this, your cleaning staff must thoroughly clean every surface they come across with high-quality cleaning products.

  • Vacuuming and mopping

Once every bin has been emptied, and every piece of rubbish picked up, your cleaning staff can finally vacuum your floors. Make sure they cover every edge and corner using a strong and reliable vacuum.

Mopping is also a must, especially in areas where bodily fluids tend to spill or drip.

  • Conducting a final check

Finally, your cleaning service provider must conduct one last check to ensure that everything is spotless.

Looking for medical centre cleaning in Brisbane? Consider hiring professional commercial cleaners with years of experience cleaning hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities in the area.

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