How can I book a Quote?

Book a cleaning quote is easy as pie. Just make a quick call to our friendly team on 1300 134 264 and our team will guide you through a quick booking. Or, you can fill up any of the booking forms on our website and our team will arrange a booking for you.

Do you take weekly clients?

Yes, we service clients that requires cleaning from once a week to seven days a week.

Can I book in for a Daytime cleaning?

Yes, we provide both day-cleaning and afterhours cleaning.

What areas do you service?

We service all suburbs in Brisbane, and also service all Logan suburbs. Check our details in our Cleaning Service Areas page.

What happens after you booked in for a quote?

After you make a booking, one of our service managers will meet you on site at the booking time. Our service manager will have a walkthrough of your office with you, and please kindly tell him what you require to be cleaned or if you don’t have any ideas what’s required, you can ask our service manager for some recommendations based on his experience. After the onsite inspection, we will work hard to calculate an estimated pricing for cleaning your office, and that will be sent to you by email along with our insurance paper works for you to keep on file.

What if there are things damaged during service?

We are fully covered by $20 million liability insurance. If we damaged your property during our service, we will make sure they get fixed or replaced to your satisfaction.

What happens after accepting the quote?

Firstly, congratulations! You have just made the right move to keep your office cleaning standard high at all times also from now on you have said farewells to all your cleaning headaches!

After accepting the quote, our service manager will email you to discuss a starting date for the contract. Once the cleaning started, our team will follow up with you regularly to check if you are satisfied with the cleaning result or if there is anything that needs to be improved and we will get right on to it.

Do I get the same cleaners every time?

Yes, the same cleaning teams will be cleaning your office every time. We will notify you if there is a change on the cleaning teams. for example, when the current team is resigning or moved away etc. and the new team will be closely supervised before they can work on themselves.

Can I ask for a different cleaner?

Of course, when you feel the current cleaning team isn’t providing the service standard that you require, you can contact our admin team to ask for a new team to take over. The process usually will take about 1-2 weeks.

What’s the payment terms

Our standard payment terms are:

NET 30 Days for monthly invoices.

Net 14 Days for weekly invoices.

Do I need to provide feedback?

Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated, but you are no obligated to provide any feedbacks. However, our service team will be in touch with you regularly to check if you are satisfied with the current cleaner and service. If you wish not to be disturbed at all times, please email our admin team and let us know.