Large Public Company:

Our office has approximately 100 staff and is a busy environment. There are numerous meetings catered events, and parties in any given week, but Eco always ensures the office looks presentable and tidy.

Key Points:

  • Provides great customer service.

  • Completely satisfied.
  • Last 5 years and continuing.

  • Friendly and gracious.

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Commercial Cleaning recommendation Letter (2)

Large Head Office:

As soon as Covid hit, Lee immediately sent us an Coronavirus Plan outlining how Eco Commercial Cleaning wash going to manager new and changing hygiene concerns such as implementing scheduling measures to minimise risks by assigning the same staff members to clean our office each night. This information made us feel instantly reassured that the health and safety of both our employees and Lee’s employees was of the highest priority.

Key Points:

  • Offices have been kept consistently sparkling clean.
  • Completely satisfied.
  • Recommend Eco to large offices who requires high quality cleaning
  • Has a COVID plan.

Professional Firm:

Lee and his team are extremely professional, and all our needs have been accommodated promptly. Lee does regular checks and asks for our feedbacks on a regular basis. The communication is always nice and easy. Every request big or small has been taken care of immediately.

Key Points:

  • Extremely professional.
  • Communication is always nice and easy.
  • No hesitation to recommend.
  • All needs have been accommodated promptly.

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