The research found that 94% of employees reported increased productivity in an orderly workspace, while 77% noted improved performance in a clean environment. This information clearly shows how essential it is to maintain a neat office despite the busy and stressful office environment.

The best way to keep your premises clean and safe for staff and visitors is to enlist the services of a professional commercial cleaning service. Read on for 4 things you need to look for when it comes to choosing the best office cleaning company in Brisbane:

  1. Customised plan for your office – No two offices are the same, and it is essential that you hire office cleaning services that can tailor their service to suit your office’s specific needs. From carpets to windows, dusting, or even sanitisation, make sure that the office cleaners understand your requirements and come up with a plan accordingly.
  1. Appropriate PPE – Make sure that office cleaners are properly equipped to clean your office space. Your employees’ safety is of utmost importance. Make sure that office cleaning staff are wearing the necessary protective gear before entering your office space.
  1. Trackable performance – You won’t always be able to oversee office cleaners while they are working, but you can still ensure that they are doing their job. Choose a company that uses technology such as GPS to track cleaner locations and working hours, ensuring that an adequate amount of time is spent on cleaning areas that need it most.
  1. Eco-friendly cleaning – With all the talk about global warming and climate change, it is essential to have office cleaners that focus on eco-friendly practices. Look for an office cleaning company in Brisbane that use green cleaning products and are committed to sustainable practices.

Eco Commercial Cleaning provides a wide range of office cleaning services tailored to suit the needs of businesses in Brisbane. We are a trusted and reliable cleaning company dedicated to providing quality commercial office cleaning services. Each contract is carefully crafted to ensure all agreed-upon tasks are completed on each visit. Our goal is to create clean spaces for our clients, allowing them to stay healthy and focus on their work.

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