It’s no secret that the quality of your work environment can impact your team’s productivity. This is why companies that are serious about creating healthy and efficient work environments while driving up profits invest in office cleaning services in Brisbane.

As an office cleaning company in Brisbane, Eco Commercial Cleaning takes the guesswork out of keeping your workplace clean, properly sanitised, and healthy. Our detail-oriented and eco-friendly cleaners have a track record of delivering reliable and outstanding cleaning solutions. We carefully customise our cleaning plans for your specific office environment, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned workplace and unmatched customer service.

Boost your team’s productivity

Most people don’t realise the importance of workplace cleanliness. Companies tend to focus on the visible aspects of the business, such as hiring qualified employees, product innovation, and marketing. Keeping their offices clean is often not a priority. What they don’t realise is that a clean and organised environment fosters a space where employees can be more productive and motivated to put in their best effort.

Studies prove the many advantages of keeping an office clean. For example, a Staples survey found that 94% of workers said they felt more productive in a clean workspace. Meanwhile, 77% of workers reported delivering higher quality work in a tidy workplace.

Investing in office cleaning services in Brisbane is an investment in your team’s well-being and, ultimately, your company’s success. Professional cleaners can eliminate dirt, clutter, dust, allergens, and other things that can distract your team from doing their best.

Aside from improving concentration, a clean workplace also tends to have better aesthetics, which then motivates workers and impresses customers and visitors. This makes hiring an office cleaning company in Brisbane a good investment that can lead to higher revenues in the long run.

Worried that cleaners might get in the way of your day-to-day operations? Don’t be. At Eco Commercial Cleaning, we work closely with you to plan our office cleaning services in Brisbane in a way that won’t disrupt your workday. Our flexible cleaning schedules can accommodate your preferences and can be done without interrupting your team during work hours. We are available round-the-clock, 7 days a week. Talk to us about your work schedule so we can plan our cleaning schedule around it.

Managers appreciate our office cleaning company in Brisbane and our ability to plan around their calendars. Whether you need daily, monthly, or weekly cleaning, we guarantee a clean and hygienic workplace every time.

Prevent sick days and health problems

Did you know that a standard office desk is 400 times more bacteria-laden than a toilet seat? This can make employees sick and more likely to file a leave of absence—worse, they might even spread their germs to their colleagues.

Contagious diseases like the flu and the common cold tend to spread fast in office environments because most viruses are airborne or spread via droplets. Bacteria can also linger on shared equipment and supplies, leading to cross-contamination and illness. You can reduce the risk of infection by hiring our office cleaning company in Brisbane.

Our office cleaning services in Brisbane can help reduce absenteeism due to sick days. A study at the University of Arizona showed that not only are employees working in an organised and clean environment 15% more productive—they also take fewer sick days.

Another study found that workers in clean workplaces take an average of 24% fewer sick days compared to those in cluttered and dirty environments. This suggests a cleaner workspace not only makes employees feel better but also helps prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

At Eco Commercial Cleaning, our trained cleaners will thoroughly clean and sanitise every workstation and equipment to reduce germs. Our office cleaning services in Brisbane can help reduce sick leaves and increase productive workdays. This can also benefit your company finances in the long run by minimising potential healthcare costs and lost workdays.

Ensuring clean and healthy offices

When you hire our office cleaning company in Brisbane, you can be confident in our cleaners’ ability to leave your place tidy and properly sanitised. Our goal is to clean your business safely and professionally using only the highest-quality cleaning tools, equipment, and chemicals. Additionally, we carefully train our team to ensure they can deliver the best office cleaning services in Brisbane every time.

Here’s what you can expect from our professional cleaners:

  • Experienced and highly trained
  • Uniformed and equipped with high-quality PPE, including eye protection, disposable gloves, and face masks
  • Trackable performance
  • Years of experience in cleaning offices in Brisbane
  • Fast response times and caring customer service

At Eco Commercial Cleaning, we also take the time to train and test our in-house cleaners before dispatching them to your office. It’s what sets us apart as an office cleaning company in Brisbane preferred by many businesses. We also have an app that tracks and records our cleaners’ working time and locations via GPS to ensure they spend enough time tidying your workplace.

Going beyond productivity

Aside from improving productivity, our office cleaning services in Brisbane can help improve workplace morale. Employees working in well-maintained, clutter-free, hygienic, and clean environments tend to be more satisfied with their jobs. Plus, they have a better attitude towards work. This is proven by a study from the University of Michigan, which says that employees who work in tidy environments are less likely to be burned out and stressed.

Is it time to clean your office?

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