Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning includes office cleaning, bank cleaning, business cleaning, and whole building cleaning, corporate cleaning and a number of further special cleaning services. We at Ecocc, are the leading cleaning agency based in Brisbane. We provide the best commercial cleaning services in Brisbane at affordable charge.

Cleaning Cloth

Have you ever pay attention to your current cleaners bucket. If you haven’t, I suggest you do so now, and check what type of cleaning cloth are they using?

Cleaning Cloth

As a professional cleaner, we need to use colour coded cleaning cloth, so in that way, each colour is used for a certain type of environment. This will eliminate cross contaminations. For example, cleaners use red cloth for toilets and urinals only and blues cloth for general areas like desks tables. So our cleaners will never have a chance to wipe your desks with the cloth which just finished wiping toilets.

Cleaning method

Cleaning method is one of the most important information that professional cleaning companies should train their cleaners for. Cleaning is not just about wiping and sweeping. The different cleaning method will significantly increase the cleaners’ working speed, and reduce the cleaning time and reduce the cleaning pricing.

Chemical in use

Knowledge of chemical is crucial in this industry. Using the wrong chemical on wrong surface will lead to huge potential damage to the surface which may cost the client thousands of dollars to replace or repair it. For example, a lot of cleaners know that using concentrated acid chemical to remove mould from surface, but not many cleaners know that that chemical can and will discolour the same surface or even damage the surface material. We always test in a small area before applying it to the whole surface.

Cleaning plan

Most of the commercial cleaning companies don’t give there cleaners a specific plan of cleaning for each clients site. Cleaners only been given a general guide of where needs clean where dose not, and the cleaning company owners just sit back and “hope” the cleaners will magically clean the property in the way that clients like it. This is only because of making a cleaning plan for EVERY CLIENT is a hard work and also time consuming. At Eco commercial cleaning we plan specifically for EVERYONE or our clients, and cleaners will have the plan with them all the time. Whenever the cleaners are not sure about something, they don’t have to “guess”, they can double check with the cleaning plan book provided for them. In this way we made sure all our cleaners are on the right track to perform the highest cleaning standard for your building.

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