Office Cleaning Service

Office cleaning is one of our specialties. Due to the high quality of the service that we provide, we often receive thank you letters or post cards from a lot of our clients.

We have created a lot of WOW effects in a lot of offices. Our office cleaning service is currently serving more than 200 offices from small offices to office buildings. We often get calls from office authority who is in charge of hiring such office cleaning companies. From second day, we as usual start the cleaning for their office.

Our office cleaning service’s offer is not much different than other cleaning companies offering in market. However, the difference is, we DELIVER what we promise. If you are looking for office cleaning service, we will make sure that you have found the right place to come!

If you are still not sure whether we can really perform a high quality job for you, we also have Free Trial Service available for you. You can let us clean your office or a part of your office for FREE. If our services satisfy you, then we will organize a quote for cleaning your office on a regular basis. If you are not thrilled by our service, you got nothing to lose, it’s a 100% FREE service!

We provide office cleaning service to following all suburbs in following cities.


Office Cleaning Brisbane

 office cleaning service area in Brisbane








Our Office Cleaning Gold Coast

 office cleaning service area in GoldCoast








Our Office Cleaning Ipswich

office cleaning service area in Ipswich











At ECO Commercial Cleaning our client come first. We realize we are fortunate to have such good clients – we really care for our clients and we nurture and grow our relationships with them.

Loyalty to our clients is a characteristic of our company and we receive loyalty in return. We insist on always doing “the right thing” by our clients and as a result we grow, develop and improve, both as individuals and as a company.

ECO is also characterised by highly motivated management and staff with extensive experience within its field of operations. The company prides itself on:

  • Providing properly trained, equipped, uniformed and remunerated employees,
  • Ensuring the safety of its employees, contractors, clients and customers,
  • Being focused on service delivery,
  • Unique quality management system in place,
  • Being price competitive,
  • Its high rate of contract retention, and
  • Taking personal ownership of clients’ interests and requirements