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Office cleaning Brisbane, we are the right choice for you. You need to find a great office cleaner in Brisbane CBD or in the greater Brisbane area? You have sure come to the right place.

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About us:

Eco commercial cleaning is the leader service provider for office cleaning service in Brisbane. We have many clients in Brisbane from 50sqm 2 people office to 20 floors commercial office buildings. It doesn’t matter your office is big or small. We still put 100% of our effort in it to make it beautiful. We have been cleaning offices in Brisbane for over 10 years. Our experience and eye of detail is what brought us the good reputation. We totally don’t mind to take an extra step to clean things correct thing on our way.

Here is a little story; we had a call from a company that suffers from bad cleaning quality. They had a cleaning company that they thought good enough when they were hiring cleaning contractors. The manager is a very very busy lady, she didn’t have time to read through all 30 pages of quote that they cleaning company gave her. She double checked the price, payment terms and signed it. It was starting ok, they were doing an ok job, because the office building is a brand new building, the problem won’t appear that fast, plus the lady who is in charge has one thousand things to do which are more important than check if the cleaner were doing right. However, after 6 month, one day she noticed her pants were full of dust like she had just fall down on the ground. She was wondering where she got all these dust. Then without too much effort she remembers she put one of the folders on her lap when she was sorting out some documents, and that folder was lying flat on the book shelf right behind of her back. She sure wiped her finger on the surface of that book shelf. No surprise, it was full covered with dusts. This brought her attention to the cleaning quality of their cleaners, she quickly checked few other spots, none of them were cleaned properly some of the places seems have never been touched. Don’t forget, this is a large office building that requires 5 days cleaning EVERY WEEK!

She called them up and trying to give them a final chance to rectify things. However, guess what they tell her? They told her, that they have been doing everything that is in the contract. She then opened up the contract and find out, this cleaning company has wrote “wipe desks, wipe telephones” in the specifications of cleaning office rooms. So that means they won’t even touch the bookshelf because it’s not included in the contract. She sure fired them.

We are now servicing them for nearly 2 years now, she is so happy that she found us to be their office cleaners for Brisbane site. She wrote us a recommendation letter which you can find our website too.

In Greater Brisbane area, our office cleaning service is covering:


In Greater Brisbane area, our office cleaning service is covering:

office cleaning KelvinGrove1 Office cleaning Kelvin Grove

office cleaning Milton

 Office cleaning Milton

office cleaning Yatala Office cleaning Yatala

office cleaning Acacia Ridge1 Office cleaning Acacia Ridge

office cleaning Beeleigh Office cleaning Beenleigh

office cleaning Underwood Office cleaning Underwood

office cleaning Larapinta Office cleaning Larapinta