Full building Cleaning

 Full building Cleaning

Full building cleaning service

We offer full building cleaning service for office buildings, schools, restaurants an other commercial establishments. If you are looking for a comprehensive full building service company, you are looking at the right place.

Why you will need the service?

Office buildings are great heavens for germs, because its air-conditioned all year long to the most comfortable temperature for human. However, that is the best temperature for germs to grow as well. If uncontrolled, illnesses and diseases will spread to everyone works in the building very fast.  The workplace is one of the easiest places to catch a cold or other illness because of the many different people that are there throughout the week. You do not want to take a chance with just any building cleaning service, for a cleaning company that does not do its job right will leave many germs and bacteria behind. Workers in such environments can get sick, and their productivity will be hampered. Eco commercial cleaning always makes sure to clean and sanitize our clients’ buildings properly. This reduces the risk of illness and disease considerably, thereby helping your workers to always function their best.

What we do?

A professional building cleaning service has the experience, resources, and quality-control systems needed to complete the job correctly each and every time. Building cleaning services are customized to fit each facilities needs on an individual basis. A plan will be created to satisfy every requirement regardless of whether the need is on a one-time basis or the service is requested regularly. Eco Commercial cleaning typically includes schools, day care centers, fitness centers, restaurants, medical facilities, auto dealerships, retail stores, churches, and various types of office buildings.

How we do?

Office building cleaning services provide a variety of tasks to keep businesses looking spotless and neat. The cleaning professionals will make sure every trash receptacle is empty and all carpet is vacuumed, as well spot cleaned and shampoo when necessary. Any hard or tile flooring will be swept and mopped and furniture will be dusted and polished as needed. Restroom fixtures will be cleaned and sanitized and kitchen and break room appliances and fixtures will also be cleaned. Entrance or any interior glass will be cleaned and horizontal surfaces and window blinds will be dusted on a regular basis. Ceiling fans, air vents and returns will also be dusted regularly. There is no job too large or too small for eco commercial cleaning. We have a customizable contract which will allow services be suited to the demands and needs of each individual office and building.

More Questions?

Call us now and our friendly staff will answer any question that you have. Or you can call us now and mention FREE Trial to order a free service for 2 hours and to see with your own eyes how Eco commercial cleaning cleans your building!