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Is your office located in Yatala Brisbane? Are you looking for commercial cleaners to clean your office? You have come to the right place, Eco commercial cleaning is the best rated commercial cleaning company Yatala. Here are the reason why we have been called the last cleaners you need to hire.

Eco commercial cleaning in Yatala

We have been servicing Yatala’s office s and buildings for over 4 years now. To be honest, at the begging we only have 2 clients here, and both of them are very small offices approximately 70sqm, and only needed service once every 2 weeks. Most of our clients are based in Brisbane city in that time. However, one of these 2 clients absolutely loved our service, she said they hired a few cleaners over the years, but none of them is really providing a service that she think they should. Just before she thought all cleaning companies maybe the same, she has found us. She was so happy about our service on the first day that she was talking about us all the time, so we end up with a fast growing month, from 2 clients to 7 clients in 3 weeks. And now all these clients have been with us for years and a very big part of our business growth is from recommendation.


Eco commercial cleaning is a medium cleaning company who provide commercial office cleaning service to clients from Brisbane all the way to Gold coast. Eco has hired over 200 employees in the past years, and we have 5 professional cleaning teams which are dedicated service clients located in Yatala Brisbane.

Our Service

From 200sqm small office to 7 level office buildings, our clients come in all different sizes. There is no job too big or too small. We guarantee the satisfaction and quality of every client that we serve. We have strong knowledge and experience in all different types of industries, and we tailor our service closely to your business needs.


Once you became one of our client, you will have the feeling of entered a big family where you are always been look after. Many of Eco’s clients have been with us for more than 4 years, some of the clients left us due to their head office force them to use the head office’s cleaning contractors. They all decide to come back to us after trying other company for 2 or 3 month. The service quality is just not the same.

Our Goal

We aim to adjust our pricing to a fair market price, and provide a very high standard service. We are not promising we could get it right 100%, however, when there is a problem or concern raise up, we can be sure that will be fixed right away. We are keep investing in our supervising technologies and keep developing and upgrading our currently Quality control system. In that way we will make our service better.