Church Cleaning

Church cleaning


Cleaning Churches is also one of our specialties. We are cleaning a good number of Churches all around Brisbane and Gold Coast. Churches are managed by non-profit organizations and usually funded by Australian Government. As we know the government has very limited budget for so many different Charities. However, churches will still need professional cleaning service to maintain its image, so it could attract more stable people to come, pray and make a donation to support the communities.

Church cleaning service requires a very careful planning in order to bring the cost down to fit organization’s small budget. We usually collects detail information of where needs to be cleaned, how many and how often do prayers come, and we will calculate very carefully and develop a cleaning plan which specificity for that particular church facility. We will make very helpful suggestion to the management to help them to achieve the best cleaning results without overspending on the cleaning service that is not necessary.

After the plan is developed, we will start cleaning the church carefully. We are always open for discussion to changes and we usually will reassess the cleaning plan and try to optimise the plan to find a way to give more.

Many cleaning company thinks church cleaning is a very simple and easy task, but the truth is a church cleaning project has far more things that need to be careful with during the cleaning process. For example, usually there are some very very old bible book on the book shelf, most of the cleaners would just skip that bookshelf and wipe somewhere else that is easy and cleared of things. That is not how we do it, we will still wipe the bookshelf but very careful not to touch those old books of bibles.

We have this one church client in Brisbane. They have used some other cleaning company for over 2 years, and they were not getting what they should. They tried our service with a Free Trial Service, after we done the service they manager lady told us this place has been so cleaned before.

Do you want your Church cleaned and cared like them? Call us now to obtain a FREE Quote or a Free Trial Service.