Bank Cleaning

Bank Cleaning

Banks need to have a very clean and tidy environment to maintain their professional and security image at all times. To be able to contract a great commercial cleaning company for your bank is crucial. Eco Commercial Cleaning offers Bank cleaning service is a ideal choice for your bank.

1. Security.

The cleaners from Eco commercial cleaning are uniformed and name tagged all the time. Cleaners will sign-in and off on each service. Most importantly all cleaners are police check made sure they don’t have any kinds of background. Name Tags and uniform are strictly required for our cleaners before they enter any premises . A internal sign-in book will be kept by cleaning team supervisor.

2. Cleaning Quality.

Our Cleaners are trained by professional trainers and practiced for 2 month before we sent them out to any bank. All cleaners have good knowledge of cleaning chemicals and good eye of details. When cleaning banks especially, we always pay special attentions to window glass, glass doors to make sure they have been cleaned to spotless. Metal railing etc. been polished as well. We will also double check the cleanliness of the floor make sure there is no debris left on the floor. When its necessary we have the ability to offer special floor care service including floor buffing, strip and refinishing for hard floors. We also have the capability to carry out professional carpet steam cleaning when the carpet needs a thorough clean.

3. cleaning 2

Unlike other large cleaning corporations you can never find them when there is an issue raise up, at Eco commercial cleaning you will be provided direct contact information of the service manager and area manager.  You will not only be able to speak to the person in charge directly and we promise your concern will be solved immediately, or a solution plan will be given to you in 24 hours from your concern raise up.


Contact us today, to find out more about how our bank cleaning service helped other banks in Brisbane, and how do we take pressure of the bank manager’s shoulders.